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Create Date: Nov 12, 2020

ENTAG launches an Internship program to link new graduates, BA and MA in agriculture, with agribusiness companies operating in Ethiopia.  The purpose of the internship program is to provide practical skills and training for BSc and MSc graduates at agribusiness companies and to support to increase the entrepreneurial & professional capacity of young graduates.

ENTAG links interns and companies and provided a monthly salary for each Interns during their internship time. The total budget of the internship program was ETB 3.5 million, allotting ETB 3000 stipend monthly for each Intern. As part of the program, interns also received capacity building trainings on entrepreneurship, business plan and personal development. ENTA also monitored and followed the performance of the Interns In collaboration with host companies. The plan was to assign 150 fresh graduates until December 2019, but the actual data show that the execution of the program exceeds its plan.