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Create Date: Dec 04, 2020

Aside from battling with Corona Virus (COVID-19) health crisis we currently face, countries around the world today are taking various measures to ease the apparent longer-term impacts of the pandemic on food insecurity. The COVID-19 pandemic is taking its toll in human lives. While communities focus on health and safety, governments take measures to cope with the impact. Not only are human lives being affected, but activity in society and in the economy in general are being disrupted in ways we have not seen before. Ethiopia is no different from the rest of the world in this regard. The Ethiopian government has taken and is still taking measures in many fronts to minimize the impact on social and economic progress aside from attempting to control the spread of the pandemic.

ENTAG, as one of the BENEFIT projects supporting the Ethiopian government in transforming its agricultural sector, has been working with the private sector of several commodities. As such, the project had conducted three quick assessments to evaluate the impact of the pandemic on the status of private sector players in the aquaculture, poultry and legumes sectors.