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This November 2017, the ENTAG program held its Fifth platform meeting week at Addis Ababa and Bishoftu, on its three subsectors-Poultry, Aquaculture and Spices.

In its poultry sector, the platform meeting held at Azzeman Hotel in Addis Ababa, reviewed the new poultry regulation, which has recently been drafted by the Ministry of Livestock and Fishery (MoLF).

The aquaculture platform meeting discussed aquaculture as a means of food security and dietary diversification in Ethiopia. The new collaborative initiative by the United Nation agency of Food and Agriculture (FAO) and the Chinese government on a newly coming project of aquaculture development in Ethiopia was also presented by the representatives of the initiative.

In the Spices, Herbs and Aromatic sector platform, the ENTAG program convened a meeting held at Bishoftu and discussed the potential of Herbs subsector in Ethiopia for the international business. This platform meeting also had a field visit to Bishoftu Agricultural Research Institute to see research works of the institute on Herbs.

Participants of the meetings were drawn from government agencies, private companies, UN agencies, the academia, research institutions, foreign companies and farmers. The Fifth platform meeting week of the program also set urgent points of action and follow up in all of the three sectors above.

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