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ToR for Training on Gender Mainstreaming in Agribusiness

Back ground

Ethiopia-Netherlands Trade Facility for Agricultural Growth (ENTAG) is a project funded by the Dutch Government as part of Bilateral Ethiopia-Netherlands Effort for Food, Income and Trade (BENEFIT) in Ethiopia. ENTAG aims to contribute to improved markets and trade with relations to the result chain of BENEFIT. Its goal is to increase agribusiness productivity, trade and foreign direct investment by strengthening the private sector in working more effectively with smallholders in applying new technologies and accessing finance for investment purposes. The priority sectors and sub-sectors are poultry, aquaculture, legumes, spices, sesame, potato, and dairy. The project will operate for four years (2016-2019) under the leadership of Wageningen UR in the Netherlands. ENTAG will closely partner with other projects under the umbrella of BENEFIT Partnership Unit i.e. ISSD, CASCAPE and SBN. Together teh 4 projects work to improve access to food, income and trade in Ethiopia.

In recent years the issue of gender mainstreaming has become one of the focus areas in projects, NGOs and government among others. The main reason for this is the importance of highlighting the role of men and women in the socio-economic environment of a nation. Stakeholders are working towards ensuring the equity among all. However, a lot still needs to be done in awareness creation within the community and other relevant actors to actually achieve expected results. To this end, ENTAG has taken the initiative to train its staffs on the business case of gender mainstreaming, and provide awareness raising to relevant companies on gender mainstreaming  Accordingly, the program is now looking for a consultant who can deliver the below detailed assignment.

Objective of the assignment:

  1. to train ENTAG staff and relevant companies on gender main streaming in agricultural sector, more specifically in agro-processing companies (not smallholders); duration: 2-3 days

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Recall concepts of gender mainstreaming
  • Explain the potential business case for gender mainstreaming
  • Develop simple M&E system to measure impact of gender mainstreaming
  • List successful examples ofbusiness cases of Ethiopia companies regarding gender mainstreaming
  • Advice companies on developing the business case in gender mainstreaming
  1. To raise awareness of the business cases of gender mainstreaming in agricultural processing companies
  • During platform meetings (4) explain for participating companies the concept of gender mainstreaming
  • Show examples of successful gender mainstreaming within Ethiopian companies (agricultural sector)

The training is expected to be given for 3 days but the consultant can advise on a different setting depending on his/her delivery system. The desired time frame for the training is beginning of September.

The desired time of awareness raising for companies is during September.

Skill requirement

– Bsc with 10 years or MSc with 7 years of experience.

– Specific study or experience in Gender within Agriculture/agribusiness.

How to Apply

The consultant is expected to submit relevant credentials, technical and financial proposal in response to this ToR to Deadline for application is July 2, 2017.

Interested Consultants/consulting companies should use the TOR outlined above

Interested firms should submit their proposals in a separate file by mentioning the Title, Financial & Technical Proposal.

Interested bidders are requested to submit their professional fee on a daily basis.

BENEFIT-ENTAG reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.


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