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On January 26, 2017, ENTAG, in cooperation with the Sesame Business Network (SBN), organised the first platform meeting for the Ethiopian sesame subsector in the Harmony Hotel in Addis Ababa. These platform meetings attempt to bring together various stakeholders within the Ethiopian sesame subsector, such as producers, exporters, processors and government representatives. This first meeting was used introduce ENTAG and SBN programs to all sesame-stakeholders and to map the value chain for sesame for both the local and export markets, in order to identify the major opportunities & challenges of sesame production, access to finance, processing and marketing and to collect input from the platform participants.
The participants first attended various presentations about production, access to finance, marketing and the various ways in which ENTAG is able to offer support to the further development of the Ethiopian sesame subsector. After these presentations the stakeholders participated in break-away sessions for producers, finance stakeholders and processors & exporters. These sessions resulted in the identification of multiple challenges and opportunities within the sector. Furthermore, various ways of addressing these challenges were discussed and the role which the individual stakeholders and ENTAG and SBN could potentially play were identified. For more detailed information, please contact us on

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