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Kanoria African Textiles Spinning Manager, Dina Karen, told ENA that the factory built in Bishoftu has started trial production.

The manager said the factory is the first of its kind in East Africa in terms of using modern technologies and producing fashionable jeans.

The factory fully owned by Indians is being built with over 43million USD, the manager said, adding that the construction of the factory that began a year ago has started its trail production with 70 workers. It plans to increase the workers to 350 on going operational.

The favorable investment atmosphere in Ethiopia and the wide market have encouraged the owners to invest in the country, Karen stated, adding that expansion would be carried out next.

Senior Industrial Engineer and Representative of the Ethiopian Textile Development Institute that supported the factory, Teklay Gebre-Egziabher said the factory will have huge contribution in boosting the foreign currency of the country and popularizing its national brand.

The factory has the capacity to produce 12 million meters of denim annually, he added.

Another factory that produces inputs for this one will be built soon around the capital city, and the produces will be mainly exported, according to Teklay.

There are more than 130 big and medium textile factories in Ethiopia.

Source: ENA


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