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To address the multi-faceted challenges of each sub-sector ENTAG is working on, the project organizes quarterly multi-stakeholder platforms. These platforms are structured in a way that allows the private sector to raise its challenges and share its experience with other actors in their respective sectors and pose its questions to concerned governmental and non-governmental bodies. The platforms are also used to introduce new market information, technologies and regulations to better equip the sector players.

So far, the first round platforms organized on the sectors of aquaculture, poultry, spice, legumes and sesame have help identify the main challenges of each sector and relevant stakeholders that should be involved in addressing these challenges. Second round platforms organised on the first three sectors addressed specific challenges and also opportunities already identified. You will find the summary of each platform under our News.

Following this, ENTAG is currently organizes another steam of platforms in the sectors of aquaculture, poultry, spice and legumes. So please book your schedule for the week of April 24th as we will be having platform meetings to discuss pressing issues in each sub-sector along with experience sharing and policy change discussions. Accordingly, please be informed that the schedules for the platforms are:

  • April 25th, 8:30 AM-12:30 PM aquaculture platform at Dessalegn #2 Hotel
    • Presentation of the draft strategic plan of EAA and leassons learnt from the trademission to Egypt are part of the agenda
  • April 26th, 8:30 AM- 12:30 PM poultry platform at Azzeman Hotel
    • The Minister of MoLF will be present to discuss on collaboration between the ministry and the private sector to develop the sector. Breifing on the experience of the trademission to Tailand will also be presented
  • April 27th, 8:30 AM- 12:30 PM spice platform at Dessalegn #2 Hotel
    • The draft 5 years strategic plan of ESAHGPA will be presented and amendments will be proposed by members and relevant stakeholders; breiging on the trademission to India are on the agenda
  • April 28th, 8:30 AM- 12:30 PM legumes platform at  Dessalegn #2 Hotel
    • Presentations of legumes seed supply; opportunities of Mung bean as commercial crop and collaboration with other projects working on legumes will be done along with Q&A

Be there and share your ideas, learn from others and network.