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These days aflatoxin is increasingly becoming a critical challenge for the Ethiopian agribusiness sector and export market. The export market of Spices, Turmeric and Legumes, in particular, is highly affected by the problem. As part of its effort to address this issue, the ENTAG program has been supporting the private and public sectors on technical, awareness and policy level endeavors to control the problem. The program has been working on capacity building initiatives, trade mission and experience sharing programs to other countries like India in collaboration with UN-ITC/SITA and ESAHGPA.

In this month UN-ITC/ SITA in collaboration with ESAHGPA has organized on-farm training, for the third time, on improved Turmeric postharvest and drying methods for more than 350 smallholder farmers to equip farmers, aggregators and traders about Turmeric quality and food safety issues. As part of this, ENTAG in collaboration with UN-SITA/ITC and ESAHGPA has organized aflatoxin sensitizing and brain storming half day meeting on January 23, 2018. The meeting is for Ethiopian turmeric exporters on how to handle the case, market retro and prospect of Ethiopian Turmeric products. The meeting will be at ENTAG office located around Bisrat Gebreil, SAN Building.