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The livestock production in Ethiopia is in a period of transition. The transition from traditional farming towards a more industrial form of farming is a necessary to meet the increased demand of growing population of the country as it is mentioned in GTP I and II. The transition requires a coherent strategy and structure for poultry health and disease control and prevention.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Resource (MoALR) (former Ministry of Livestock and Fishery (MoLF)) has requested the Ethiopia Netherland Trade for Agricultural Growth (ENTAG) program to provide support in developing the strategic plan to strengthen the poultry health and disease control and prevention in Ethiopia. ENTAG has called for the services of the GD Animal Health in The Netherlands, which together with ENTAG staff implemented developed the strategic plan with input and reflections of the relevant Ethiopian stakeholders.

The objective of this report is, based on the analysis and discussions during numerous workshops, to advise on the structure and to describe a feasible strategic plan for organized poultry health control by the government in Ethiopia that can be endorsed by the private poultry industry, so that the Ethiopian government can support the poultry sector in increasing production to the desired level.

The strategic plan focuses on the following topics:

  • Organization of poultry industry, farm locations and flock registration
  • Poultry health management » Organization of epidemiological data
  • Surveillance programs for specific poultry diseases
  • Monitoring the effect of disease control and inter- vention programs
  • Organization of poultry diagnostics
  • Collaboration between governmental and private stakeholders

The download link for the full report can be found on this page.