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Amhara Regional State is one of nine regions within the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. It is found to the north and northwest of the country bordering with Tigray in the north, Afar in the east, Oromia in the south, Benishangul Gumuz in the south-west and the Republic of Sudan in the west. The region has an area of 170.000 square kilometres; twice the size of the Netherlands and Belgium combined. Administratively, it is divided into 19 zones, 167 districts and 40 urban administrations, of which three are metropolitan cities. Its capital city is Bahir Dar, located on the shores of Lake Tana out of which the Blue Nile flows.

The regional state offers an attractive destination for starters and incumbent agribusinesses due to an incentive package as well as suitable agro-ecology. The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) in Ethiopia has commissioned and published an investment guide for potential investors from both the Netherlands and other parts of the world, with an intention of investing in Amhara Region, Ethiopia. Please use the download link below to get the guide.