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Create Date: Jun 17, 2020

COVID-19 is known to be the global health crisis of the century. Like most countries in the world Ethiopia is currently feeling the pressure of the pandemic. Higher number of cases for COVID-19 is being recorded with the number of infected people increasing daily. To ensure the safety of the society against COVID-19 the government has declared a state of emergency, enforcing precautionary measures to control the spread of the virus. The horrors of the pandemic and the precautionary measures imposed have affected all types of businesses across the country including the poultry industry.

The Ethiopian Poultry sector is considered as one of the priority sectors for development by the Ministry of Agriculture, recog-nizing its great contribution to food and nutrition security. Before the pandemic, the Ethiopian commercial poultry sector was showing positive growth rate with increasing demand for poultry products. To meet this demand, commercial poultry farms have been expanding, increasing the production rate.

According to CSA and FAO 2018/2019 data, the annual poultry meat production was estimated at 54,000 tons per annum. For egg production, based on the assessment conducted by ENTAG (Business opportunity report, 2020), the commercial sector attributes to 73,357 tons per annum. However, currently the pandemic has negatively impacted the sector and poultry production and consumption rates are declining greatly. The end date to this global crisis is still unknown and the fate of these industries remains at stake. Therefore, a quick assessment of the sector through a questionnaire survey distributed to key stakeholders and telephone interviews has been conducted in order to identify the damage to the sector.

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