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This year I am developing this program. At the end of 2018 I aim to share all SIA-Ethiopia-relevant information with stakeholders. I aim to do this in a transparent and open-source manner, enabling everybody to use the tool which will guide them through the Ethiopian ESIA procedure. I think that a website would be a proper medium for this.

With respect to design; thinking that an interactive flowchart can help whoever to see what is required for them. Such a flowchart should also include a way that – per step / procedure – we provide open access tools/tips/tricks that every stakeholder can access.

Tailoring the Context Sensitive Investment Program to other countries
The tool should eventually also have a segment which ‘promotes’ the context sensitive investment program for other countries. The general program would look something like this:

X week program which helps to contextualize the Context Sensitive Investment Program to the relevant country. The plan is to offer a program to Embassies where we can visit the country and investigate how we can tailor the Context Sensitive Investment program to the respective country. Although development is infant, activities would at least include:

Desk research; identify ESIA regulatory framework
Stakeholder mapping exercise (e.g. investors, ESIA consultants, government)
Country visit
Exploratory interviews
Identify gaps within country (based on stakeholders)
Workshop (Dutch) investors
Proposal on SIA program contextualization
Proposal SIA interventions per stakeholder
Proposal Plan of Approach with supportive instruments / stakeholders