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All areas of investment are open for foreign investors other than the following:

  • Areas reserved exclusively for the government
    • Postal services with the exception of courier services;
    • Transmission and supply of electrical energy through the integrated national grid system; and
    • Passenger air transport services using aircraft with seating capacity of more than 20 passengers.
  • Areas reserved for Ethiopian nationals:
    • Banking, insurance and micro credit and saving services;
    • Travel and shipping agency services;
    • Broadcasting services; and
    • Air transport services using aircraft with a seating capacity of up to 20 passengers
  • Areas reserved for domestic investors
    • Retail trade and brokerage
    • Wholesale trade (excluding supply of petroleum and its by-products as well as wholesale by foreign investors of their products locally produced);
    • Import trade (excluding LPG, bitumen and up on the approval from the Council of Ministers, material inputs for export products);
    • Export trade of raw coffee, chat, oil seeds, pulses, hides and skins bought from the market and live sheep, goats and cattle not raised or fattened by the investor;
    • Construction companies excluding those designated as grade 1;
      Tanning of hides and skins up to crust level;
    • Hotels(excluding star-designated hotels), motels, pensions, tea rooms, coffee shops, bars, night clubs and restaurants excluding international and specialized restaurants;
    • Travel agency, trade auxiliary and ticket selling services;
    • Car-hire and taxi-cabs transport services;
    • Commercial road transport and inland water transport services;
    • Bakery products and pastries for the domestic market;
    • Grinding mills;
    • Barber shops, beauty salons, and provision of smith workshops and tailoring services except by garment factories;
    • Building maintenance and repair and maintenance of vehicles;
    • Saw milling and timber making;
    • Customs clearance services;
    • Museums, theatres and cinema hall operations;
    • Printing industries.