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The Ethiopia- Netherlands Trade for Agricultural Growth (ENTAG) is a project initiated to support agribusinesses & entrepreneurs operating in Ethiopia in specific and develop the agricultural sector in general. The project is a four years project running from 2016- 2019 during which time it will focus on five main components, namely:

  1. Front Office
  2. Inclusive Business Support
  3. Subsector platform
  4. Innovation Fund
  5. Support of Private Sector Associations

ENTAG has chosen 5 priority sectors for its intervention. These sectors are Aquaculture, Poultry, Spices, Sesame and Legumes.


Front Office

This component focuses on managing walk in customers with various requests for support. The support that will be provided is on individual basis and if requests are detailed requiring extensive intervention the office will conduct need assessments to check the applicability sector wide. The requests coming in to the front office may also lead to platform discussions when raised by several clients. It is also under this component that clients receive advice on regulations, market, etc.

Step by step guides / regulations / policies

The Legal Services component of ENTAG provides the following advisory and other services

  1. Establishing a business in Ethiopia, the legal and procedural requirements
  2. Addressing questions from customers in the all areas of law
  3. Advise on arbitration or judicial disputes facing client businesses ( but excluding legal representation)
  4. The legal implications of proposed measures by a company’s management or other decision making department
  5. Reviewing contracts and other agreements
  6. Advise on Ethiopian tax law
  7. Updating new directives and other legislations that affect businesses
  8. Summarizing new legislations and explaining their implications for business