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On December 20, 2016, ENTAG, in cooperation with its partners, organised the first platform meeting for the Ethiopian legumes sub-sector in Addis Ababa. These platform meetings attempt to bring together various stakeholders within the Ethiopian legumes sub-sector. Representatives of farms, processors, mechanization businesses, exporters and relevant government institutions were all present.  These stakeholders discussed key business challenges, created new business linkages and shared experiences and best practices.Moreover, the participants could gain more insight into the various ways in which ENTAG is able to offer support to the Ethiopian legumes sector.
A total of 52 participants attended various presentations on the importance of legume crops for Ethiopia, the work of ENTAG in the legumes sub-sector, and on the current state of affairs concerning the legumes sector in general and the  Ethiopian Pulses, Oilseeds and Spices Producers and Exporters Association (EPOSPEA) and Ethiopian Fortified Food Producers Association (EFFPA) in particular. After these presentations the participants were invited to participate in various break-away sessions (Input supply and Production, Processors and Exporters) to discuss current challenges and identify opportunities. These sessions resulted in the identification of multiple issues and opportunities. For more in-depth information on this platform meeting, please contact us at

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